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Convention 2004

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This document was issued to the celebrities and collectors on Saturday

Andrew Szym and Bill DeVoe Welcome You to the Sequel
Stars of the Zone Convention

August 21 and 22, 2004

The Beverly Garland Holiday Inn, North Hollywood California


Tony Albarella*
Denise Alexander
Roger Anker*
Mary Badham
Terry Becker
Shelley Berman
Chris Beaumont*
Lloyd Bochner
Antoinette Bower
Alan Brennert*
Jean Carson
Ben Cooper
Paul Comi
Michael Dante*
Dana Dillaway
Don Durant
Harlan Ellison*
Richard Erdman
Bill Erwin
Dennis Etchison
Michael Forest
Camille Franklin
Beverly Garland
Kathy Garver*
Susan Gordon
Susan Harrison
Mariette Hartley
Allan Hunt*
Marsha Hunt
George Clayton Johnson
Carolyn Kearney
Gail Kobe
Ruta Lee
Joanne Linville
Suzanne Lloyd
Tom Lowell
BarBara Luna*
Sarah Marshall
Arlene Martel
Bob May*
Kevin McCarthy
Martin Milner
Lawrence Montaigne*
Read Morgan
Howard Morris
Bill Mumy
France Nuyen*
Rockne O'Bannon*
Gloria Pall
Phillip Pine
Ted Post
Del Reisman
William Reynolds
Peter Mark Richman
Joseph Ruskin
Eileen Ryan
William Schallert
Jacqueline Scott
Warren Stevens
Judy Strangis
Edson Stroll
Barbara Stuart
George Takei
Michael Vandever
Lea Waggner
Garry Walberg
Fredd Wayne
William Windom
H.M. Wynant
Celeste Yarnall*

Guests marked with an * asterisk were not involved in the original series, but we welcome them as they join us for the event!

The following stars were scheduled to attend but unable to: Ivan Dixon, Mickey Rooney, Alan Sues, Russell Johnson, David Macklin, Natalie Trundy, June Foray, Linden Chiles, Jason Wingreen, House Peters Jr., Jean Marsh, Lois Nettleton, Frank Aletter, Nehemiah Persoff, Nancy Malone, Maxine Stuart, Ed Nelson, Collin Wilcox-Paxton, Morgan Jones, Anne Francis, Earl Hamner, Jr.

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