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Instructions: You may talk, cheat on, or use any animate or inanimate reference material for, this exam. You should write your answers on any material that will hold pen ink or pencil graphite (or crayon) and then you should look at the correct answers at the bottom of the page to determine your score. Note: the questions are not in chronological order of episode airdate.

1. Complete the quote "I'm gonna take your skin off _________."

A. inch by inch

B. yard by yard

C. foot by foot

D. one inch at a time

E. one foot at a time

F. one yard at a time

2. Christian Horn FIRST stumbles onto___________.
A. a four-lane highway
B. a two-lane highway
C. a dirt road
D. telephone poles
E. a diner

3. Which one of the following items does NOT apply to �The Invaders�
A. Rod Serling and Agnes Moorehead sharing the camera
B. knives
C. candles
D. fireplace
E. ray guns
F. lantern
G. they all apply
H. none of them apply

4. In "Mr. Dingle, The Strong", which of the following describes the martians?
A. there are two small ones
B. there are three small ones
C. there is one small one, and one large one
D. there is a two-headed one
E. there are two large ones
F. A and D
G. A and E
H. Nonsense! None of the above.

5. The name of the speakeasy in "The Trouble With Templeton" is ______________.
A. Georgie's
B. Stu Tillman's
C. Fred Carter's
D. The Luxor
E. George Hammond's
F. Zucconi's
G. none of these is correct.

6. In "Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up", the setting is best described as:
A. an area called Hook's Landing, in the deep south somewhere;
B. a diner in Boston;
C. Tracy's Pond, in the middle of Montana;
D. Toluca Lake;
E. none of these accurately describe it.

7. In "Twenty Two", Liz Powell intends to board a flight bound for
A. Los Angeles;
B. Vegas;
C. Phoenix;
D. Miami;
E. Chicago.

8. In "The Lateness of the Hour", what is the temperature of the room? Assume degrees Fahrenheit.
A. 70
B. 71
C. 72
D. 73
E. 74

9. Of the four principal actors in "Long Distance Call" actors, two appeared in other TZ episodes.
A. this statement is 100% true and correct;
B. this statement is a half-truth;
C. this statement is a quarter-truth;
D. this statement is 0% true.

10. Vinnie Broun and Ed Lindsey were engaged approximately ___________ years ago in the boarding house.
A. ten;
B. twenty;
C. thirty;
D. less than ten;
E. more than twenty, less than thirty.

11. Harvey Hunnicutt sells the Model A to Nikita 'The Premiere' Khruschev for __________.
A. $25
B. $50
C. $75
D. $100

12. "The Obsolete Man" is the only episode of "The Twilight Zone" where Rod Serling is seen both at the beginning and at the end of the episode.
A. this is a true statement.
B. this is not a true statement.
C. there is no way to determine whether or not this statement is true or if it is not true.
D. it depends on if you're watching the syndicated prints or the Columbia House VHS tapes.

13. At one point after making the bet, Archie Taylor offers Tennyson __________ if he agrees to leave the glass room.
A. $500,000
B. $250,000
C. $200,000
D. $10,000
E. $5,000

14. The order of deaths is as follows:
A. Erbie, DeCruz, Brooks, Farwell
B. Erbie, Brooks, DeCruz, Farwell
C. Farwell, DeCruz, Brooks, Erbie
D. Farwell, Brooks, DeCruz, Erbie

15. How much does the magic dust of "Dust" cost Gallegos' family?
A. 10 pesos
B. 50 pesos
C. 100 pesos
D. 200 pesos
E. 1000 pesos

16. Hector B. Poole asks to be ____________ and that means he'll take _____________ old office.
A. office manager; Bagby's
B. head of accounts; Bagby's
C. office manager; Jones'
D. head of accounts; Jones'

17. The SUBtitle of the book in "The Mind and the Matter" is:
A. "How to Get Everything You Want In Life Just By Concentrating."
B. "How to Achieve the Ultimate Power of Concentration"
C. "How You Can Have It All - Just By Concentrating"
D. "Change Your World Today - With the Power of Concentration"
E. none of these are it.

18. The setting of ALL except the ending of "The Howling Man" takes place in:
A. 'Somewhere' in Europe.
B. 'Somewhere' in the United States.
C. a specific country in Europe.
D. a specific state in the US.

19. Peter Corrigan is ____________.
A. a physicist
B. a non-member of the Potomac Club
C. a member of the Potomac Club
D. an engineer
E. a journalist
F. a prep school teacher
F. A and C
G. A and D
H. B and D
I. C and E

20. Burt in "Night of the Meek", played by legendary character actor Burt Mustin, gets ________ from the "most unusual bag"?
A. a bottle of cherry brandy;
B. a sweater;
C. a smoking jacket;
D. a trumpet;
E. a lantern;
F. none of these come out of the bag.

21. Which does NOT happen in "A Thing About Machines"?
A. Finchley gets chased by a car
B. Finchley gets chased by a razor
C. Finchley is found dead floating in the pool
D. Finchley's typewriter types "Get Out of Here, Finchley!" over and over
E. Finchley's television set has a flamingo dancer who repeatedly says, "Get Out of Here, Finchley!"
F. Finchley's clock chimes over and over whenever it hits the top of the hour
G. they all happen.

22. Which item does NOT belong in the list?
A. LaGuardia
B. dinosaur
C. Transocean
D. World's Fair
E. Idylwild
F. Flight 22

23. How much money does Arthur Castle give Mrs. Gumley for her "old family heirloom"?
A. fifty cents
B. one dollar
C. twenty-five cents
D. five cents
E. one cent

24. How many treatments has Janet Tyler undergone?
A. six
B. nine
C. eleven
D. fifteen
E. eighteen

25. The name of the priest in "Shadow Play" is
A. Father Nolan
B. Father Weaver
C. Father Ellsworth
D. Father Beeman
E. Father Time

26. The name of the cafe in "The Prime Mover" is
A. The Hi-Way Cafe
B. The Busy Bee Cafe
C. The Happy Daze Cafe
D. Joe's Air-Flite Cafe
E. a cafe with no sign
F. The Maynard Coffee Shop in Maynard, Kansas

27. How many pictures are left before Chester and Woodward go out the window?
A. 6
B. 7
C. 8
D. 9
E. 10

28. Which member of James Embry's crew got a burial in the sand?
A. Blake
B. Connors
C. Jimenez
D. Kline
E. Cummings

29. Romney Wordsworth's "other" occupation kept him alive for awhile longer. What else did he do apart from his job as a librarian? He did work as a __________.
A. plumber
B. upholsterer
C. carpenter
D. jeweler
E. soothsayer
F. preacher

BONUS QUESTIONS: they all relate to food and drink, and the episodes in question are all SEASON 2 episodes.

31. In which episode can you find a restaurant that offers both Kansas City steaks and pork chops?

32. In which episode can you find a restaurant that offers the primitive version of Starbucks'/Coffee Bean-Tea Leaf/Peet's/Seattle's Best iced coffee?

33. In which episode can you find someone talking about roasts (i.e., rump roast)?

34. In which episode can you find someone who ate a bowl of chili?

35. In which TWO episodes can you find people spilling coffee on each other?

This marks the end of the quiz.

1. C; 2. B; 3. G; 4. F; 5. G; 6. E; 7. D; 8. C; 9. B; 10. B; 11. A; 12. B; 13. E; 14. B; 15. C;
16. D; 17. B; 18. A; 19. F; 20. C; 21. C; 22. F; 23. B; 24. C; 25. D; 26. C; 27. C; 28. A ; 29. C;
31. "The Trouble With Templeton"; 32. "Nick of Time"; 33. "Shadow Play"; 34. "Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up"; 35. "Back There" and "The Mind and the Matter"

Please add up the number of questions you got correct.

Evaluation of your score is based upon the number of questions you got correct:
1-9 = Watch only Season 2 DVDs or reruns;
10-18 = Keep watching Season 2 DVDs or reruns in addition to other seasons;
19-27 = You're a contender! ;
28-31 = Helen Foley Master of Twilight Zone Education ;
32-35 = Somerset Frisby Honorary Doctor of Twilight Zone ;
36 or higher = Twilight Zone resident.

Thank you for playing!


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