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Facsimilie Unlimited Presents....

Frisby Diploma
Frisby's Diploma. See?! He did go to college! ("Hocus Pocus and Frisby")

Marsha White's Gold Thimble
Marsha White’s Gold Thimble (“The After Hours”)

Transformation Playset
Transformation Playset … for the young undecideds. (“Number 12 Looks Just Like You”)

"What to Do When Booth Comes Back" script (“The Trouble With Templeton”)

Need a ham sandwich on white bread with mustard?
Look no further. In Peaceful Valley, you can have it …
at the drop of a punchcard. (“Valley of the Shadow”)

The wand that can do anything … at least when Old Ben is operating it! (“The Fugitive”) Susan Gordon brings hers to all the conventions she attends!

Say goodbye to Victoria West and Rod Serling! (“A World of His Own”)

What color eyes do you want your factory-made grandmother to have? (“I Sing the Body Electric”)

"Well, how do I look?!" ("A Most Unusual Camera")

Monsters are due here... ("The Monsters are Due On Maple Street")

Ask the seer a yes or no question ... and get a life-threatening answer! ("Nick of Time")

This story is about Woodrow Mulligan, a disgruntled citizen of Harmony New York, in the year 1890! ("Once Upon a Time")

Trespass on the trestle, and find yourself at the end of a rope! ("An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge")

Flip a coin and keep flipping it...chances are one in a million that it will land on its edge. ("A Penny for Your Thoughts")

Marcusson was right...people ARE alike everywhere! ("People are Alike All Over")

The platoon where clairvoyance has the upper hand. ("The Purple Testament")

Alan Richards' plans for Africa...which he unfortunately didn't live to see developed. ("The Jungle")

Don Carter's postcard to Pauline from the Busy Bee Cafe ("Nick of Time")

Henry Bemis' daily news. ("Time Enough at Last")

"It says, 'To Serve Man.'" Or at least Susan Cummings says it does. ("To Serve Man")

"I tried to warn you! Why didn't you listen?!" John Wilkes Booth handkerchief ("Back There")

Press the button, and you can freeze the tick of time...or at least Patrick Thomas McNulty did. ("A Kind of Stopwatch")

The actual certificate of Romney Wordsworth's Obsolescence. ("The Obsolete Man")

The silver hairpin that Jess Belle's father brought back for her - and the one that sees to her demise. ("Jess Belle")

Welcome to The Body Showroom! ("The Trade-Ins")

Ted Mason's ID...proof positive that he's dead!("Death Ship")

Mr. Smith's Contract for Douglas Winter ("Printer's Devil")

Pamela headshot, circa 1940 ("Queen of the Nile")

For sunlight and serenity at reasonable Willoughby & Sons today ("A Stop at Willoughby")

That nutty Mr. Judson! ("The Incredible World of Horace Ford")

Oakwood High School's 1958-59 Basketball Schedule ("Where is Everybody")

Handcrafted by Bill DeVoe in the workshops of Facsimilie Unlimited. All items come with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist. Please see Price List.


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