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INSTRUCTIONS: Use deductive or inductive reasoning to answer the questions on this exam. If you know the subject matter from cover to cover, you should be able to get them all correct. Please put your "Twilight Zone Companion" away. None of the answers can be found in there.

PART 1 - MANY CHOICES. Choose the best one.

1. What street do The Tillmans live on?
A. Amstead Drive
B. Auburn Drive
C. Amanda Drive
D. Auckland Drive
E. Amboy Drive
F. Autumn Drive

2. Which is NOT something that Talky Tina says?
A. "My name is Talky Tina, and I don't think I like you."
B. "I can stand it if you can!"
C. "Annabelle would hate you, Christie would hate you and I would hate you."
D. "My name is Talky Tina, and I'm going to get rid of you."
E. "You'll die."
F. "Not really, but I could hurt you..."
G. "YOU are going to be sorry."
H. she says all of these things

3. In "The Masks", which of the following lines does Jason Foster say to his daughter, Emily?
A. "The world to you is nothing more than a reflection of yourself."
B. "At long last, a note of hopefulness in your voice."
C. "If I opened you up, all I'd find is a cash register."
D. "You've been at death's door so many times in the past twenty-five years, it's a wonder you haven't worn a hole in the mat."
E. all of these
F. all except C
G. B and D
H. A and C

4. How much does Sal pay Mr. Maitland for compassion?
A. $1,000
B. $10,000
C. $100,000
D. $1 million

5. What is Aunt T baking in the kitchen?
A. beef jerky casserole
B. spaghetti dinner
C. cookies
D. cake
E. A and C
F. B and D
G. C and D

6. What is NOT one of the things that Agnes asks/tells James Elwood?
A. "Roses, egghead, roses!"
B. "Me."
C. "Love is important."
D. "How was last night?"
E. "It has been decided in your favor."
F. "Third floor programmer, Walter Holmes."

7. Which is NOT true of "The Fear"?
A. a car is overturned
B. the invader put huge footprints on the vehicle
C. Trooper Franklin estimates that the invader is over 500 feet high
D. Charlotte Scott was a newspaper editor from New York City
E. Charlotte Scott refers to Franklin as a "Rodgers & Hammerstein state trooper"
F. Charlotte Scott refers to the townspeople as "hayseed hobos" and the nearest town as a "rinky-dink whistle stop"
G. A-C are untrue
H. D-F are untrue
I. they're all untrue!

8. Which is NOT true of "The Brain Center at Whipple's?
A. Hanley slaps Whipple.
B. the policeman shoots Dickerson.
C. Dickerson has worked at the plant for 17 years.
D. Hanley shows Whipple a film made by the Whipple shareholders.
E. Whipple is the last employee to be fired.
F. Dickerson gets drunk at the bar across the street.
G. two of the above are not true
H. three of the above are not true

9. Which is true of "Night Call"?
A. Elva receives a total of 7 phone calls from Brian Douglas
B. Elva and Margaret play chess
C. Elva lives in Pitchville Flats, a rural community in Maine
D. Elva has Margaret sleep overnight
E. Elva receives a letter from her sister and the light bill
F. Elva relates how the train killed Brian Douglas
G. none of them are true
H. they're all true

10. What does Phyllis Britt do right after Joe faints?
A. turns on the TV to Channel 10
B. gets Joe a beer
C. hurls a book at him
D. calls Dr. Saltman
E. calls the TV repairman
F. packs her suitcase
G. starts a chant of "Yonkers, Yonkers, Yonkers...FAN DANCERS!!!"
H. none of these

11. What is the name of the bartender in "A Kind of Stopwatch?"
A. Potts
B. Fred
C. Cooper
D. Joe
E. Sam

12. Which is correct?
A. Stansfield's mission into space is called Stansfield's Mount Rushmore
B. Stansfield is in space for 20 years
C. General Walters is in charge of the original mission
D. Sandra Horn is a private consultant who is not with the space agency
E. Dr. Bixler gives Stansfield details about the ship he will travel in
F. A and E are correct
G. B, C, and D are correct
H. they're all correct

13. Which happens in "Come Wander With Me"?
A. Floyd's car gets a flat and he asks the old man in the music store where he can get it fixed;
B. Floyd gives Mary Rachel bells, silver bonnets and bright beads;
C. Floyd smacks Billy Rayford over the head with his guitar;
D. Floyd's tape recorder explodes;
E. Floyd's headstone goes up in flames with Mary Rachel's nun habit;
F. Floyd wants to buy a song from the old man proprietor of the music store but kills him when he refuses to sell;
G. all of these things happen;
H. none of these things happen.

14. From "The Jeopardy Room: "You, Boris, are ________. I am ____________."
A. an entrepreneur ; a peasant
B. a peasant ; an entrepreneur
C. an artist ; a butcher
D. a butcher ; an artist
E. a sophist ; a peasant
F. a peasant ; a sophist
G. a noble ; a serf

15. What is the last thing that happens in "The Encounter"?
A. Taro stabs Fenton;
B. Fenton stabs Taro;
C. Taro jumps out the window;
D. a door swings open;
E. a door swings closed;
F. what actually happens isn't listed above.

16. Who has a fat wife who gets unearthed from Boot Hill Cemetery?
A. none of the below
B. Mr. Gooberman
C. Mr. Jensen
D. Mr. Stevens
E. Mr. Latham

17. Which is not true of "Probe Seven - Over and Out"?
A. Adam's homeland was blown up;
B. Adam's ship crash-landed;
C. Eve throws a rock at Adam;
D. the general who communicates with Adam is named Langford;
E. Eve draws pictures with a stick in the dirt;
F. more than one of these are untrue.

18. Johnathan West robs_______.
A. a theater
B. a pawn shop
C. a karaoke club
D. a liquor store
E. a grocery store
F. Susan's bedroom
G. the till in the boarding house

19. How did Steel Kelly get his name?
A. he gained a reputation for building amazing robots that could withstand a lot of fights without getting damaged;
B. steel saved his life during the war;
C. he was a prizefighter who never lost a bout;
D. he patented a unique steel part for prizefighting robots;
E. he wore boxers made of steel;
F. none of these are true.

20. Where are Bud and Hildy supposed to go that day?
A. The Howardville Founders Day picnic;
B. The Howardville Community Center picnic;
C. The Howardville Annual Chili Cookoff picnic;
D. The Howardville Good Friday picnic;
E. The Howardville Mayorial Celebration picnic;
F. The Howardville Annual Charity Bazzar and picnic;
G. The Howardville Memorial Day picnic;
H. none of these are correct.

21. The two starring actors of "In Praise of Pip" appeared in a combined total of ______ other episodes of Twilight Zone.
A. 4
B. 5
C. 6
D. 7
E. 8

22. Robert Wilson's wife's name is
A. Ruth
B. Terry
C. Nancy
D. Karen
E. Brenda
F. none of these are her name

23. Michael Grady talks to someone named ___________ on the phone.
A. Mr. Bare
B. Mr. Kulik
C. Mr. Post
D. Mr. Newman
E. Mr. Donner
F. Mr. Crosland

24. McCluskey, Connors, and Langsford are traveling along the territory of
A. Steelrose Creek
B. Rosemont Creek
C. Rosebud Creek
D. Rosewood Creek
E. Ashrose Creek
F. Ashford Creek
G. Redbud Creek
H. Ashmont Creek

25. Which pattern is Lana, and which pattern does Marilyn become?
A. Lana is a 12 and Marilyn becomes an 8, just like Val
B. Lana is an 8 and Marilyn becomes a 12, just like Lana

26. Where were The Fraziers/what were they doing before they disappeared from Earth?
A. at home asleep
B. on a train
C. at a party in Bedford Village
D. in church
E. in their kitchen examining a loaf of bread
F. driving in their convertible
G. none of these are correct

27. What did Jagger do before he was given the death penalty?
A. killed a man
B. shot two guys in a bar
C. grand larceny
D. bank robbery
E. armed robbery
F. accidentally killed a man
G. blew up a man's house
H. insider trading
I. murdered a man who tried to rape Ella Koch
J. assaulted Deputy Pierce and told him to go back to Mayberry

28. Who says this line in "The Old Man in the Cave": "It's a computer...You can't go on any longer now KILL IT!"
A. Goldsmith
B. Jason
C. Major French
D. Evie
E. Harber
F. Furman

29. Which is NOT one of the things that Uncle Simon calls Barbara (or refers to her as)?
A. Featherbrained Feline
B. Bovine Crab
C. Wilting Blossom
D. Toothpick Legged Conniver
E. Raggedy Ann Carcass
F. Garbagehead
G. Torpid Lotus Eater
H. Ugly Harpie
H. he calls her all of these

30. Which is NOT a line of Flora's?
A. "You'd better be careful, Big Daddy, because one of these days if you take me to a swinging weekend in Egypt, I may just run away with a mummy."
B. "Oh, blow it."
C. "I ask for Vince Edwards and look what they send me..."
D. "Well, if it isn't the poor man's Marcus Welby."
E. "Take off your stethoscope and make yourself at home."
F. "How'dya feeeeeel, Harmon?!"
G. "I haven't talked to anybody, until you saw fit to come over here at this ungodly hour."
H. "Big Daddy, if I don't fit the bill, why don't you just say so right out?"
I. Nonsense, she says all of these!!!

31. What color is the horse that Anne Marie Henderson rides?
A. black
B. white

32. What is Pamela Morris doing when Jordan Herrick first comes to her home?
A. cursing out Viola
B. swimming
C. sucking the life out of another newspaper man
D. reprimanding Charlotte the maid
E. hiding old newspaper reviews
F. admiring the painting of herself done in 1940
G. feeding leaves to her beetle
H. a little bit o this and a little bit o that

33. How old is Sam Forstmann?
A. 75
B. 76
C. 77
D. 78
E. 79
F. 80

34. Oliver Pope runs down the newspaper boy at ____________.
A. Fourth and Elm
B. Third and Mason
C. Fourth and Beachwood
D. Third and Park
E. Fourth and Howard
F. Third and Palm

35. The man of "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge" is hanged because
A. he killed a child accidentally
B. he was caught in bed with another person
C. he was convicted of grand theft auto
D. he tampered with the railroad tracks
E. he was convicted of arson
F. he smothered a compulsively barking dog
G. he drove his wife to suicide
H. it's never revealed

36. Roswell G. Flemington:
A. goes to a psychiatrist
B. goes to an ENT (ear-nose-throat doctor)
C. has a huge photo of himself mounted on the wall in his office
D. has a company motto of "Damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead for fun and profits"
E. goes deaf and insane
F. was fed chocolate chip cookies instead of fudge brownies as a kid
G. is repulsed by dripping water and squeaking shoes
H. is "absolutely and completely thunderstruck!"
I. says to his coworkers that their noise "sounds like someone is machine-gunning a seal"
J. says the phrase "in a manner of speaking" incessantly
K. is obsessed with World War II torpedo noises and sea chanties like "Anchors Aweigh"
L. all of A-I are true
M. all but one of A-I are true
N. all but two of A-I are true

PART 2 - QUOTATIONS!! Identify which episode each one comes from.

37. "You think about that, now!"

38. "Consider yourself dumped!!"

39. "You've been told a thousand times not to disturb things!"

40. "One minute you sound like a professor and the next you sound like a beatnik!"

41. "I adore presents! Let the plane wait."

42. "Darned you loudmouth kids!"

43. "The introduction of smut into this interview will not help your case, young lady."

44. "As of this moment, you are very much committed."

45. "My days may be dull but I wouldn't trade some of my nights for all the crown jewels in a golden bucket!"

46. "I don't think anyone should leave this earth without making a, me, anyone."

47. "It's to laugh. I swear, it's to laugh."

48. "Don't bother to send me a bill. You didn't have it down there long enough to even look it over!"

49. "After chasin' half The Bronx and the entire borough of Manhattan, you pin the blue ribbon on me! Which means I get a used nitwit to feed, to pamper, to keep and obey, til death us do part!"

50. "You're gonna help me...or I'm gonna beat your brains out."

Part 1 - award yourself 2 points for each one you got correct.
1. C ; 2. D ; 3. G ; 4. C ; 5. D ; 6. E ; 7. H ; 8. H ; 9. G ; 10. D ;
11. D ; 12. E ; 13. C ; 14. D ; 15. D ; 16. B ; 17. D ; 18. C ; 19. C ;
20. A ; 21. B ; 22. F ; 23. D ; 24. C ; 25. A ; 26. C ; 27. A ; 28. A ; 29. A ;
30. D ; 31. B ; 32. B ; 33. B ; 34. D ; 35. D ; 36. N.

If you got 64 points or higher on this part, give yourself a kiss (or have your significant other give you one), because you know Season 5.
If you got between 40 and 63 points on this part, you passed. Pat on the back.
If you got less than 40 points on this part...rewatch Season 5!

Part 2 - award yourself 2 points for each one you got correct.
37. "A Kind of Stopwatch"
38. "Sounds and Silences"
39. "Uncle Simon"
40. "Black Leather Jackets"
41. "Ring a Ding Girl"
42. "The Bewitchin' Pool"
43. "Number 12 Looks Just Like You"
44. "The Long Morrow"
45. "The Self Improvement of Salvadore Ross"
46. "I Am the Night - Color Me Black"
47. "In Praise of Pip"
48. "You Drive"
49. "What's In the Box"
50. "Steel"

If you got a total of 86 points or higher, you are officially a TZ least when it comes to Season 5.

If you got 70-85 points, you know Season 5 well. If you got less than 70, keep watching it.

If you have completed and passed all five quizzes, you are ready to take the Twilight Zone Aptitude Probe!


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