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INSTRUCTIONS: If you know the answer, write it down. Otherwise predict the correct answer. That's all. Nothing else. There is no deduction for incorrect answers but then again, no reward is given for incorrect answers either.

1. What is written on the pamphlet that the old hag gives Alan Talbot?

A. The Truth is Thy Savior

B. Be Saved Today

C. The Power of God

D. The Way to Salvation

E. Mind Conquers Matter

2. What is the name of Alan Talbot's godfather?

A. Walter Ryder

B. Carl Jasperson

C. David Gurney

D. Sam Cook

E. George Thompson



3. Where is the setting of "The Thirty Fathom Grave"?

A. Atlantic Ocean

B. Indian Ocean

C. South Pacific ("Some Enchanted Eeeeevening!")

D. Antarctic Peninsula

E. English Channel



4. What year did Chief Bell's crew drown?

A. 1937

B. 1917

C. 1942

D. 1930

E. 1919

F. 1963



5. How much does Peter Vollmer's group owe in back rent to the hall?

A. $100

B. $200

C. $300

D. $50

E. $75



6.What instrument does Ernst play?

A. cello

B. bass

C. viola

D. trumpet

E. piano



7. "Mute" takes place around_________, give or take a month, as we can tell from the pictures displayed on the bulletin board in the school.

A. October

B. May

C. December

D. July

E. February



8. How many letters does Sheriff Harry Wheeler write (which are burned by Cora)?

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4

E. 5



9. What has Ted Mason's wife cooked?

A. fried chicken

B. tuna sandwiches

C. meatloaf

D. chicken salad

E. Parisienne consomme, jambon e fromage baguette



10. What is the name of the person from Space Exploration who contacts Mike Carter's wife to inform him of his death?

A. H. Arrowsmith

B. F. McKelvy

C. J. Bloss

D. K. Gleason

E. H. Grace

F. Old Mrs. Nolan

G. Old Mrs. Pope



11. Jess-Belle died _________ before Billy Ben marries Elly Glover.

A. three months

B. one month

C. six months

D. twelve months

E. eighteen months

F. none of these is correct



12. Which is not one of the things Jess-Belle turns into?

A. hawk

B. leopard

C. wart-toad

D. rat

E. spider

F. Nonsense! She turns into all of these.



13. Charley Parkes visits

A. Fuller County Museum

B. Burton County Museum

C. Multnomah County Museum

D. Los Angeles County Museum

E. Raytown County Museum, in the same town where "Mama's Family" takes place!



14. What is Charley Parkes' sister's name?

A. Myrna Russell

B. Myrna Robinson

C. Myra Russell

D. Myra Robinson

E. Harriet Gunderson

F. Officer Margie Gunderson



15.Which event does not happen in "Printer's Devil"?

A. Dentist Murders Wife

B. Mayor Exposed as Bigamist

C. Fire Destroys Gazette Building

D. Honeymooners Drown in Lake

E. Lion Breaks Loose From Zoo, 3 Dead

F. two of the above don't happen

G. three of the above don't happen



16. How much is Douglas Winter's debt?

A. between 1 and 2 thousand dollars

B. between 4 and 5 thousand dollars

C. between 9 and 10 thousand dollars

D. exactly 10 thousand dollars

E. it is never stated

F. the correct amount isn't listed above


17.Paul Driscoll's vocation is

A. a chemist

B. a physicist

C. an engineer

D. a doctor

E. a philosopher

F. a taxidermist

G. a phlebotomist



18. Mr. Hanford's vocation is:

A. a store owner

B. a stockbroker

C. a banker

D. a reverend

E. a congressman

F. a graphologist

G. a psychic



19. Robert Gaines is __________ but he could have sworn he was ____________.

Their house __________ a picket fence but he could have sworn that it ___________.

A. a major ; a colonel ; has ; didn't have

B. a colonel ; a major ; didn't have ; did

C. a major ; a colonel ; didn't have ; did

D. a colonel ; a major ; has ; didn't have

E. Choices A thru D are a bunch of garbled nonsense



20. Robert Gaines was missing for approximately __________ hours before he was found.

A. 6

B. 16

C. 8

D. 12

E. 36

F. none of these values are correct



21.What is the name of George P. Hanley's dog?

A. Atilla

B. Boris

C. Chester

D. Homer

E. Eddie

F. Georgie



22. What does George P. Hanley initially do for a living?

A. works for a newspaper

B. works in a curio shop

C. works as a vacuum cleaner salesman

D. works as an accountant

E. works at an insurance company

F. it's never made clear.



23. Who kills Emma Senescu?

A. Jack the Ripper

B. Henri Desire Landru

C. Albert W. Hicks

D. Burke & Hare

E. they all did



24. How long has Ferguson's Wax Museum been open?

A. 20 years

B. 25 years

C. 30 years

D. 35 years

E. over 35 years

F. oh, a really long time, I don't know exactly how long



25.What does Laura buy for Horace for his birthday?


A. new suit

B. a new watch

C. smoking jacket

D. encyclopedia set

E. magnifying glass



26. How many times does Horace go to Randolph Street?


A. twice

B. three times

C. four times

D. one time

E. so many times that I lost count.



27. How long ago did colonization begin on the asteroid of "On Thursday We Leave for Home"?


A. 5 years

B. 10 years

C. 15 years

D. 20 years

E. 25 years

F. 30 years



28.The people from Earth bring first aid supplies to the asteroid. One of these is a medicinal bandage with ___________ as the active ingredient.


A. Ca, calcium

B. Rb, rubidium

C. K, potassium

D. Mg, magnesium

E. Tl, thalium

F. Ce, cerium



29.What is the name of the bookstore that Julius Moomer visits?

A. Ye Olde Book Bin

B. Hoagley's Books

C. Frog & Toad Books

D. Polodney's Books

E. Beanball Keats' Bookstore

F. Sadie's Bookstore



30. What is the name of the corporation that sponsors Julius Moomer's TV production?

A. Shannon Food Corporation

B. Southside Food Corporation

C. Hoagley Food Corporation

D. Hanley Food Corporation

E. Stonehenge Food Corporation



31.In "Of Late I think of Cliffordville", which musical activity can be observed?

A. a man playing a kazoo

B. a lady playing a flute

C. a man playing a Jew's harp

D. a lady playing the piano

E. a man playing an accordion

F. a lady playing a cello



32.Cliffordville of __________ is revisited.

A. 1930

B. 1925

C. 1920

D. 1915

E. 1910

F. none of these is correct


33.Where is Philip Redfield headed on his assignment?

A. Arkansas

B. Texas

C. New Mexico

D. Denver

E. Phoenix



34.What is the little girl's name who makes Philip Redfield's dog disappear?

A. Sally

B. Sarah

C. Sissy

D. Susan

E. Sasha



35.How many years have the Ransomes been married?


A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4

E. 5

F. 6



36. The travel agency that the Ransomes visit to book their boat tickets is


A. Spiereto's Travel Bureau

B. Devlin's Travel Service

C. MacKenzie's Travel Service

D. New York City

E. it is never made clear or stated.




37. What is the name of the play that Moomer and Shakespeare write?

38. "Where did you get the money for all this?!" Which episode?

39. "I've never felt so warm in all my life." Which episode?

40. Who is Harold J. Swanson?

41. What game do the residents of the "On Thursday...Home" asteroid play?

42. "Have I made any mistakes, Captain?" "You're on the virge." "Let me know when I make 'em." Which episode?

43. "If he came back right now, I'd just go runnin' to him!" Which episode?

44. In which episode can you find a reference to E = mc2

45. "Frank on a roll, three cents each!" Which episode?

46. In which episode does someone drop a tea tray?

47. In which episode does someone get a tomato thrown at them?

48. "They're calling muster on me!" Which episode?

49. "Coffee for me, and cocoa for you..." Which episode?

50. "Yeah, you! Get offa my stoop!" Which episode?

51. "Have a cigar, Mister ____________."

52. In which episode does someone break down a bedroom door?

53. Who in "Passage on the Lady Anne" is suspected of going overboard?

54. "You have a great enthusiasm for planting the flag deep, but you haven't a nodding acquaintence with what it's like to bury men in the same soil." Which episode?


Give yourself 1 point for each correct choice:
1. D; 2. B; 3. C; 4. C; 5. B; 6. A; 7. A; 8.C; 9. A; 10. C; 11. D; 12. A; 13. A; 14. C;
15. F; 16. B; 17. B; 18. C; 19. A; 20. A; 21. A; 22. F; 23. A; 24. C; 25. C; 26. B;
27. F; 28. D; 29. D; 30. A; 31. D; 32. E; 33. C; 34. C; 35. F; 36. E.

Give yourself three points for each correct choice:
37. The Tragic Cycle; 38. In His Image; 39. Passage on the Lady Anne; 40. Principal of Danzburg HS;; 42. Death Ship; 43. Jess Belle; 44. Valley of the Shadow; 45. The Incredible...Horace Ford;
46. The New Exhibit; 47. He's Alive; 48. The 30 Fathom Grave; 49. The Parallel; 50. I Dream of Genie;
51. Dietrich; 52. Miniature; 53. Eileen Ransome; 54. No Time Like the Past.

If your score was:

Over 75 - then you are a TZ Geek and need to watch "Boris Karloff's Thriller" instead! It's on DVD now!
From 65 to 75 - then you know TZ's penultimate season quite well. Pat on the back.
From 50 to 64 - then you should someday soon be able to get over 75.
From 35 to 49 - then keep watching the Fourth Season!
Less than 35 - then definitely keep watching the Third Season!

Thank you for playing!


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