Convention 2002

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Convention 2002

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August 24 and 25, 2002
The Beverly Garland Holiday Inn
Hollywood, California

Floor Photos

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James Best

James Best is also an accomplished artist and sold his original artwork at our Show.

Anne Francis and James Best, reunited.

Jess Belle and Billy-Ben Turner reunite after forty years!!

Arlene Martel

Arlene Martel (formerly Arline Sax) discusses her episodes “Twenty-Two” and “What You Need” with fans.

Arlene Martel and Cliff Robertson

Arlene Martel and Cliff Robertson. Arlene reported that she married her first husband because he resembled Cliff!!

Barry Morse and Antoinette Bower

Barry Morse and Antoinette Bower worked together on “The Fugitive” in the Sixties.

Julie Newmar relaxes

Julie Newmar relaxes.

Julie Newmar and Russell Johnson.

Julie Newmar meets Russell "The Professor" Johnson again after many years.

Julie Newmar, Mickey Rooney and Jan Chamberlin

Hollywood legends Julie Newmar and Mickey Rooney, with Mickey’s wife Jan Chamberlain on right.

Cliff Robertson and Mickey Rooney

Ol’ pals Cliff and Mickey reunite.

Barry Morse and Jonathan Harris.

Barry Morse and Jonathan Harris discuss old times.

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The following stars were scheduled to attend but unable to: Jonathan Winters, Natalie Trundy, John Lasell, Patricia Smith, Nancy Malone, Don Durant, Lois Nettleton, Joyce Van Patten, Brooke Hayward, George Murdock, Penny Singleton.

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