Convention 2002

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Convention 2002

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August 24 and 25, 2002
The Beverly Garland Holiday Inn
Hollywood, California

Celebration Dinner

August 24th, 2002 * 6:30 pm
Beverly Garland Holiday Inn
Father Serra Room

* * *

6:30 pm - Opening mixer (cash bar)
7:15 pm - Dinner served
8:15 pm - Introduction of and presentation by George Clayton Johnson---LISTEN!
8:45 pm - Introduction of celebrities by Andrew Szym; 'Hot Mic' encore by Shelley Berman
9:15 pm - Dessert
10:00 pm - Event concludes


London Broil in Port Wine and Mushroom Sauce
Breast of Chicken Piccata
Filet of Salmon in Dill Sauce
Vegetarian Lasagna

all entrees served with fresh vegetables, potatoes, rolls and butter, coffee/tea

Caesar salad, Marinated tortellini with garlic and pinenuts,
Pasta Primavera salad, Select tossed greens

Assorted desserts

Twilight Zone cast at dinner

Back row (L to R): Barry Morse, Bill Erwin, H.M. Wynant, Jan Handzlik, Warren Stevens, Robert Sorrells
middle row: Arlene Golonka, Susan Gordon, Jean Carson, Shelley Berman, Anne Francis, Wright King
front row: Arlene Martel, Ruta Lee, Barbara Stuart, Beverly Garland, Gloria Pall

Earlene DeVoe (Bill's mom!) with Ruta Lee

Mrs. Earlene DeVoe (Bill's mom!) with Ruta Lee

Earl Hamner Jr. and Chris Conlon

Writers Earl Hamner and Chris Conlon
Jan Handzlik speaks at the dinner.

Jan Handzlik (right) co-starred in the film and Broadway versions of
"Auntie Mame" with Rosalind Russell in the late fifties. Since then,
he's gained a place in the American Who's Who as an acclaimed attorney
specializing in white-collar crime.
George Clayton Johnson, Arlene Martel, and Herman Darvick

George Clayton Johnson, Arlene Martel, and Herman Darvick.
Herman, an elementary school teacher who shows "Twilight Zone" episodes to
his class regularly, travelled from New York for our Show.
Marc Scott Zicree and Anne Francis.

Marc Scott Zicree and Anne Francis

Anne Francis and Shelley Berman.

Old friends Anne Francis and Shelley Berman

H.M. Wynant and friend

H.M. Wynant makes new friend!

The following stars were scheduled to attend but unable to: Jonathan Winters, Natalie Trundy, John Lasell, Patricia Smith, Nancy Malone, Don Durant, Lois Nettleton, Joyce Van Patten, Brooke Hayward, George Murdock, Penny Singleton.

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