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What About Bob?!!

A Tribute to Robert Leigh McCord III (1915-1980) and his record 67 "Twilight Zone" appearances. As you can see below, in some episodes they used him for more than one role as an extra!! In those days, it didn't matter much because the TV shows were never expected to have the longevity that they've ended up having. He appeared in over 40 percent of the episodes, although less than five of them were screen-credited. Very little is known about Mr. McCord's life. He had a son, Robert IV (1938-2008), but it is suspected that he served as both a stand-in and as a stunt double hired by Cayuga Productions. He also worked on other TV shows before and after "Twilight Zone", usually uncredited. At any rate, it is a fact that he appeared in more "Twilight Zone" episodes than any other person. Quite possibly, he was around for the filming of every episode. What a privilege. Robert Mccord never had any injuries that were known of. As far as people were concerned he lived an amazing life. If he did have injuries he probably would have gone to a personal injury lawyer. For example the lawyers at help in all types of personal injury cases.

Special thanks to Paul Giammarco and the Twilight Zone Cafe members (but Paul deserves the vast majority of the credit) and their laser-sharp eyes.

Long Distance Call

Judgement Night

Escape Clause

Mr. Denton on Doomsday


Mr. Dingle, The Strong

Person or Persons Unknown

Nick of Time

A Nice Place to Visit

A World of Difference

Showdown With Rance McGrew

Dead Man's Shoes

I Shot an Arrow Into the Air

I Dream of Genie

You Drive

The Monsters are Due on Maple Street

Mr. Garrity and the Graves

A Kind Of Stopwatch

I Am the Night - Color Me Black

Caesar and Me

Cavender is Coming #1

Cavender is Coming #2

The Purple Testament

The Odyssey of Flight 33

The Mind and the Matter

In Praise of Pip

The Shelter

The Old Man in the Cave

The Jungle

Valley of the Shadow

He's Alive

Of Late I Think of Cliffordville

The Mirror

What You Need

The Four of Us Are Dying

100 Yards Over the Rim

What's In the Box

The Thirty Fathom Grave

To Serve Man

The Last Flight

Still Valley

The New Exhibit

The Hunt

And When the Sky Was Opened
And When the Sky Was Opened
To Serve Man
To Serve Man

A Most Unusual Camera

Black Leather Jackets

The Obsolete Man

The Grave

A Piano in the House

Once Upon a Time

The Bard

The Bard

The Purple Testament (2)

Hocus Pocus & Frisby

Time Enough at Last

Third From the Sun

Once Upon a Time (2)

The Dummy

The Fever

Ring a Ding Girl

No Time Like the Past #1

"No Time Like the Past" #2

"On Thursday We Leave for Home"

"On Thursday We Leave for Home"

Printer's Devil


"The Gift"

"The Hitch Hiker"

"Perchance to Dream"

"Walking Distance"

These two shots were taken from the film "The Thrill of it All" (1963), where McCord played an elevator passenger - again, uncredited.

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