For those who missed our two Los Angeles-based TZ Conventions, you're in luck! We have the 3 panel discussions done in 2002 available on DVD. The actor panel featured actors Cliff Robertson, Jean Carson, Jonathan Harris, Arlene Martel, Wright King, William Windom, Suzanne Lloyd, Kevin McCarthy, James Best, Anne Francis, and Suzanne Lloyd. The writer panel featured George Clayton Johnson, Earl Hamner, John Tomerlin ("Number 12 Looks Just Like You"), and Marc Zicree. The directors panel featured James Sheldon and Eliot Silverstein plus actors Susan Gordon and Ben Cooper (who appeared in their episodes). George Clayton Johnson's historic keynote address at the VIP Dinner Celebration, which can be viewed for free right here on this page, is also available on DVD. The 2004 panels: Actor panel with George Takei, H.M. Wynant, Shelley Berman, Gail Kobe, Bill Mumy, and Lloyd Bochner. Director/Producer panel with Ted Post and Del Reisman (both of these panels were hosted by Tony Albarella). Writer panel hosted by Andrew Ramage, with Gloria Pall (TZ actor and writer of her own TZ scrapbook plus 14 other books), Sandra Grabman (author of "The Albert Salmi Story"), Chris Beaumont (son of Charles Beaumont, TZ writer extraordinaire), Roger Anker (biographer of Beaumont), and George Clayton Johnson. There was a fourth panel of folks involved with "The New Twilight Zone" (from the 80s), led by Alan Brennert and including Harlan Ellison, Rockne O'Bannon, and several others. The charge is $60 for all four of the 2002 panels (plus $6 for USPS Priority Mail shipping within USA) and the charge for all five of the 2004 panels is also $60 (plus $6 shipping within USA.) Purchasing both the panels of 2002 and 2004 is $110 (includes free shipping within USA.) Outside USA shipping - please inquire for cost, as we will have to look it up online. These are high quality Region 1 DVDs. Payment methods accepted are Paypal, cash, or USPS money order ONLY! If paying by Paypal, there is a surcharge of $6 if purchasing both sets, or $3 if purchasing only one set, due to Paypal's processing fees. Note: it costs you nothing to send money by Paypal, but there is a fee for us to receive your money and a 2-3 day waiting period before it hits our bank account. Please email oceanave@usa.net to place your order or if you have further questions!

From one of our happy customers, Mark D. from upstate New York: "This is gold...a panel w/ Cliff Robertson, Anne Francis, Johnathan Harris? That's like asking, "If you had a "dream" dinner party, who would you invite?" These folks are on my list! The banter, humor, and, sheer fun, makes for a great showing. What I liked about it especially, is that they didn't talk exclusively about the "Twilight Zone". Anecdotes, personal stories, and the countenances of actors expressions/demeanor's as they relayed their stories, was a wonderful treat! Brings it alive. As a medium, moving pictures have something special to share as in writing & music & art...so very nice to have on record visually. Is there anything else out there right now that is comparable that documents the thoughts and feeling of cast members who are intertwined with this legacy?"

George Clayton Johnson's Historic Keynote Address at the convention VIP Dinner, August 24, 2002.
Special thanks to Rich for restoration of the original video, which was videotaped on a camcorder!

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8x10 AUTOGRAPHED PHOTOS...signed, sealed, and delivered from "The Twilight Zone"!!

Terms: Each shot is an 8x10 glossy photograph, signed by the TZ actor. We completely guarantee the authenticity of these photographs. Payment forms accepted: cash (mailed to our PO box, at your own risk), a USPS money order mailed to our PO BOX), or Paypal (there is a 3% surcharge for all Paypal payments).

How to order: Send an email to oceanave@usa.net along with the numbers of the photo(s) you'd like to purchase (example: WR1 and JL2 to indicate William Reynolds and Joanne Linville) and how you intend to pay. We'll then respond to you with a grand total including shipping, and the address to send your money to. If you're paying with cash or money order, seal it up in an envelope, drop it in the mail, and once it's received, your photos will go out on the next business day by Priority Mail. If you are paying by Paypal, we will invoice you and you'll pay from that invoice electronically.

Priority Mail (tracked with delivery confirmation) is the only way we ship. No other cheaper shipping methods are offered. If you're in the USA, the charge is $6. If International, the charge is $14'ish and we'll determine your shipping cost on an individual basis.

GOT QUESTIONS? GREAT!! PLEASE ASK! Email oceanave@usa.net. Answers to some common questions... (1) We don't issue formal "C of A" certificates of authenticity - read the article on TZ Museum that Andrew wrote about autograph collecting and you will then know why. However, what we will do is provide you with a receipt that indicates that you bought X,Y,Z photos and that their authenticity is completely guaranteed. So, later, if you go to sell them or if your heirs find the photos and want to know where they came from and how much you paid, they will have that info. (2) Do we give discounts? Yes. If you purchase $300 or more, any photos over the $300 will be discounted at 10-25% (example: we've had a few orders over $1,000 and after the $1,000 was reached, the rest of the photos were discounted at 25%). (3) "Why are your prices so high?!" The cost of the photo reflects what we had to go through to get it signed, including the cost we paid them to sign it. The lower the price, the less effort was required. The prices also reflect the scarcity of these photos. Very, very few people in the world have or will ever have these ultra-high quality Twilight Zone photos...you'll be one of those very few. In four words - these shots are nice.

P.S. Some of the scans below have watermarks; the signed photos you are buying DO NOT have these watermarks.